Excited to be #Onein8000

The day I received an email to say I had been shortlisted to carry the Olympic Torch I felt honoured. I never ever expected to go on and be selected as one of the final 8000. I am now like an excited child at Christmas :-)


  1. I have been fascinated with the Olympics since 1984. At the time I was 7 years old and a member of an athletics and gymnastics club. All members of the club were given a commemorative book about the Los-Angeles Summer Olympic Games. I remember my Dad telling me to keep the book safe and he explained why the Olympics were such a special event. Since that day the Olympic Games have always been a little bit magical for me. Every 4 years I lose hours and hours watching the cheers, tears and sporting events on TV. I have always wanted to go to a Games and have costed it up on numerous occasions. This year not only do I have tickets to go to a really good athletics session I am also a very lucky and incredibly proud London 2012 Torch Bearer. 
  2. Watching this BBC trailer for the Torch Relay makes my stomach do a little flip! Mostly cos I am super excited but also a little concerned about my clumsy nature and the likelihood of me falling over or being remembered as the girl who managed to put the flame out! 
  3. London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay trailer - BBC
  4. So how did I get nominated?

    I have an amazing and very thoughtful sister --->  @mrsproudy 

    Not only did Nicola know how much this would mean to me but she also wrote a very honest and heart warming entry to LOCOG. I have now seen a copy of the entry with her reasons as to why I should be a Torchbearer and it makes me cry. She described me as an inspiration to others, which I find incredibly flattering. When I think of the people that inspire me, it is hard to believe I might have that effect on others.   
  5. The entry cites both professional and personal achievements and the people I have inspired. However, the one I feel most proud of is reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro. Many people already know I trekked up Kilimajaro and raised over £8,000 for the British Heart Foundation in memory of my Uncle. Not many know of the personal struggle that led to me deciding to take on a challenge like this. To beat personal issues, raise money for an amazing charity in memory of a very special man and to stand on the roof of Africa can only be described as ---> #totallyawesome
  6. BHF Climb Kilimanjaro Trek 2010
    BHF Climb Kilimanjaro Trek 2010
  7. I don't look the happiest person to be stood at the top of Kilimanjaro. However, despite severe altitude sickness (which almost prevented me from reaching summit), my Kilimanjaro journey was most definitely the best experience of my life. Something tells me carrying the torch on 25th July 2012 might just hold the same special place in my heart.