Digital Connections

The Highland Digital Connections project as part of Time To Shine Digital


  1. Youth Highland and Seaboard Film Society were delighted to be one of the 10 Scottish Phase 1 #TTSDigital projects. We were excited to work with young people over the summer to find out more about their use of Digital Technology and to work with them to create new digital work which expressed their experiences and shared it with others in the Highlands.
  2. Young people began to get interested and started to make work...
  3. We took cameras out to a 'pop up' skate jam organised by young people and supported them to document what they were doing. The group want to lobby for a local skate park and thought the #Digiconn project could help get the word out.
  4. The skaters got really involved in the project. During this time they have learnt how to use gopro cameras, and SLR's, editing and have designed logos and tee shirt designs - taking their drawings and making them into vector drawings using technology.
  5. Kyle is from Inverness. He wanted to make a guerilla skate film dressed as a gorilla. That was fun. The project has enabled us to bring together skaters from different areas of the Highlands who didn't know each other before. It has been great to see new friendships develop and grow... virtually and in real life!
  6. The guerilla gorilla idea kind of stuck! Jamie drew us a mascot / logo and named him Kevin. We all liked him a lot!
  7. All of us found out new and amazing things about digital technology! Virtual reality was a bit much for Gregor in the office!!