#Dson2018: Regular Decision Release

March 20th marked the end of another strong application review season as Dickinson's Office of Admissions sent application decisions for the regular pool out the door. In the true spirit of the college, the social media celebration pulled congrats and excitement from the entire Dson community.


  1.  "First, we celebrate the release of this extraordinary Regular Decision pool, second, we welcome a much-anticipated Spring, and lastly, I thank you all for these kind and warm birthday wishes." -Dean Balmer. 
    That's just so Stephanie. Thank you, as always, VP and Dean, for your inspiring leadership and your love for this college and community.  We are so proud to be a part of your team.

  2. The Dson Photog in his natural habitat. #DsonWildlife
  3. Because...bacon.
  4. P.S. we love food