Snapshot of the StripSafely Meeting on Sept. 9

The Diabetes Technology Society held an impressive meeting in D.C., the second one of its kind in four months aimed at discussing the existing problems with glucose monitoring accuracy.


  1. First up: some background on the problem as we've covered it. And how the Diabetes Online Community came together in the #StripSafely patient-advocacy campaign aimed at raising awareness about glucose meter and test strip accuracy. That all set the stage the BIG meeting set for Sept. 9...
  2. The Meeting

  3. It was a Who's Who of big names in the Diabetes Glucose Monitoring World. And many in the Diabetes Community were able to represent the patient voice and live-tweet from the meeting: Christel Aprigliano, Ann Bartlett, Elliot Brenner, Kelly Close (and the DiaTribeNews crew), Bennet Dunlap (as StripSafely leader), Manny Hernandez, Catherine Price, Kelly Rawlings, and Miriam Tucker.
  4. The main meeting hashtag: #StripSafely. And many included both @US_FDA and @FDADeviceInfo in most tweets, so the agency would be pinged on as much of the conversation and color as possible.
  5. As expected, the meeting started out with a recap of the problem at hand. And included a clever car analogy:
  6. Rules, Today & Tomorrow

  7. New, tighter test strip accuracy standards are on the way.... They're OK'd internationally but the U.S. FDA has yet to approve and release them. So, many were anticipating those new rules during the meeting's discussions.
  8. What Can Be Done?

  9. The Diabetes Technology Society has a proposed plan: a BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITOR SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM (BGMSP).