MasterLab Nuggets: Advocating for Diabetes

Bummed we can't be at the first-ever Diabetes Advocacy MasterLab happening (July 2) at the Friends For Life conference in Orlando, but we're excited to see so many fellow D-Advocates attending. They've been using the hashtag #MasterLab and #CWDFFL14 so make sure to follow along! -Mike Hoskins


  1. There's a lot going on all day during the MasterLab, and aside from watching the live-tweeting, you can check out the agenda to see what's happening at any particular time.
  2. By mid-morning, some of the highlights that caught our eye focused on the importance of advocating and raising our voices in our own local communities.
  3. That's it. All it takes. Pick up the phone, and get 4 others (at least) in your local community to do the same. Seriously, this point is one of the most effective messages we can take away... how ONLY 5 phone calls could change how an elected leader looks at a particular issue that means so much to us.
  4. And it's easy to find those you need to contact, about whatever the diabetes issue may be...
  5. We had a blast following along on Twitter the rest of the day's happenings at the MasterLab, and so much appreciate the tweets and the follow-ups from our fellow D-Advocates.
  6. Thanks again to all who are live-tweeting from Orlando and keeping the rest of our D-Community in the loop! Follow along by using the #MasterLab hashgtag on Twitter. And for the rest of the FFL conference activity happening through the July 4 holiday weekend, you can follow along on Twitter using the #CWDFFL14 hashtag.