Journalism Students Live-Tweet Inauguration

This past Friday marked the beginning of Marquette University's first lay president's term. Herbert Lowe's JOUR 2100 class live-tweeted the event from the Al McGuire Center for their followers. Did you miss the event? Here's all you need to know in 28 tweets (and one YouTube video).


  1. The class headed over the the Al about an hour in advance for Dr. Michael R. Lovell's inauguration. The goal (besides various extra-credit rewards) was to learn about using social media to share news as it happened.
  2. The excitement for the big day was mounting from earlier that morning. Many had their eyes on #loweclass for their tweets.
  3. The students did reporting before the event even started in order to get every detail out to their followers.
  4. The inauguration began with an expertly made video.
  5. Hitting the Ground Running | Marquette University
  6. Guest speakers praised Lovell in brief speeches.
  7. Finally, Michael Lovell was finally installed as Marquette's 24th president.
  8. By the time of the man of the hour's address, everyone was frantically typing away. Lovell took the time to thank everyone who had been a part of his life
  9. Lovell recognized Marquette community members, those with us and those who were not.