#DetentionDebate in Parliament 14 March 2017


  1. It was on 7 March, one of our colleagues told us that there will be a debate on immigration detention on 14 March. We had one week to decide what to do and prepare for it...
  2. This was a great intervention by UK NPM. Don't know what NPM is? Find out here  http://www.nationalpreventivemechanism.org.uk 
  3. Then on 10 March, the latest inspection report on Brook House was published. The key issue? Long-term detention. Not much change since Shaw Revew then.
  4. One of our members wrote a blog about the forthcoming debate.
  5. Not long ago, we did an analysis of the latest detention stats. Again, no sign of change since the Shaw Review or the Parliametnary Inquiry into the Use of Immigration Detention.
  6. Now, people started asking their MPs to atend the debate...
  7. The Shaw Review recommended a whole range of things. Here's a shortened list. There were indeed over 60 recommendations.
  8. One of the ways that the use of detention can be significantly reduced is a greater use of community-based alternatives.