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#detaildata conference: open data for funding, citizens and services

Stories from our first conference on 11 January 2017, with lots of speakers and discussion


  1. Liz Carolan, who has extensive experience working with governments and open data initiatives worldwide in managing the Open Data Institute's global development work, spoke about why open data is important to stimulate investment, improve governance and efficiency and reduce corruption.

  2. Rachel Rank, CEO of 360 Giving, talked about how the initiative works with grantmakers to publish freely-available, standardised data for their grants, to help others understand the funding landscape and make effective decisions.
  3. You can search the grants for yourself using the 360 GrantNav tool.

  4. Sephanie Keogh spoke about the Dublin Dashboard and how it is used both by citizens - to get real-time information - and local government - as a tool for citizen engagement.

  5. Kathryn Torney, from the Detail Data project, talked about how we produce stories and use the data behind them to create an impact at a political level.
  6. To read the data stories that we've published to date, visit