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  1. Spring Lake (MN) – A leading beauty and skin health expert in Minnesota has announced the introduction of permanent makeup to their services. DermIllusion states that this move came about following growing concerns over personal image in the modern world.

    “If professionally applied, this type of makeup can help in enhancing the eyeliner, lips and eyebrows. This gives it an edge over other cosmetic beauty procedures considering that its results are long-lasting," said the company lead Ms. Tina Lee.

    The beauty of permanent makeup is that its results can be enhanced to retain a natural look without the need for a daily spruce up. Experts have figured out ways to introduce permanent pigmentation that blends in with one’s skin tone which means one can get makeup that adapts to their unique sense of style. In general, permanent makeup provides a ready-made solution to individuals who want to save time by skipping the daily makeup application routine and still look good. People with busy careers and active lifestyle stand to benefit the most from this innovation.

    “Permanent makeup done through our special procedure is popular among those who add balance and symmetry to their looks," adds Tina in reference to the wide-spanning benefits of this routine.

    The process involves the skills of a permanent makeup artist who harmonizes the overall facial shape by placing tiny pigment deposits on various aspects of the face. If done repeatedly, this creates an undetectable illusion of full eyebrows, shapely lips or enhanced eyeliner. Those experiencing hair loss or baldness can also benefit from this procedure through a process called scalp micropigmentation.

    Addressing questions on whether this process is painful, Tina said “Our cosmetologists are far gentler than you might imagine. That means you can get the look you have been yearning for without risking your health and safety in any way”.

    Permanent makeup Minnesota clients range from seniors, busy housewives, celebrity stylists, career women and even men. The process differs from other forms of tattooing because it uses a special machine that operates based on special pigments with different sizes of needles. While it opens a whole new world of micropigmentation options, this technique promises to give individuals more control over their natural looks without having to spend time on it.

    For more information about this beauty procedure, one can get in touch with the provider by filling a contact form available on their website. dermaink.net
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