Is Deray a Corporate Shill?

Either Black Lives Matter activist and education reform operative Deray McKesson is paid by exploitative corporations to promote them on Twitter. Or he does it for the love. Which is it?


  1. Deray is best identified by his blue Patagonia vest. Fortune Magazine recently reported he was involved in an "unplanned endorsement" as "the most visible ambassador for the Patagonia brand."
  2. Deray loves Doritos. And hollow, corporatized LGBT activism. Or he's just making a buck.
  3. While exploited McDonald's workers go on strike across the country, Deray tweets out press releases for the corporation. Lots of them.
  4. In case there was any misunderstanding, Deray explained that he's not sponsored by McDonald's top corporate rival.
  5. Deray also loves Spotify. He has promoted its "Discover Weekly" playlist at least seven times.
  6. Deray denies being sponsored by Spotify. No word on a business arrangement with any marketing firm representing a bunch of corporate clients.
  7. So what about Apple? In the course of a month, he promoted its products and corporate initiatives at least nine times.