Open Policy Making Conference - 24th Jan 2014 - UK

On 24 January 70 Heads of Policy Profession and Digital Leaders met to share practical examples and experiences of Open Policy Making and to learn about some of the tools and techniques that can support an open approach to the policy process.

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  1. For details of how to contact the Cabinet Office Open Policy Making Team and for Matthew Taylor's blog post related to the day please scroll to the bottom of this storify.
  2. The day started with a welcome from Paul Maltby who is the Cabinet Office Director responsible for Open Policy Making, and our chair for the day, Matthew Taylor Chief Executive of the RSA.
  3. We heard in detail from three different policy teams across Government on their experiences of Open Policy Making.  First up were Anton Draper and Caroline Allnutt to talk through their experience of partnership working on Community Budgets and the Public Sector Transformation Network.
  4. Neil Smith from the Red Tape Challenge Team in the Cabinet Office talked through their method of working to reduce the overall burden of regulation.
  5. In the final of three practical examples of open approaches to policy-making we heard from Neil Hornby from Defra on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) work 
  6. You can read more about the case study from Neil in the latest edition of Civil Service Quarterly, along with lots of other examples of excellence in the Civil Service #csquarterly