#SLUvLU Fight for Bragging Rights on Twitter

It was Saint Louis University vs. Lindenwood in a Twitter scavenger hunt.


  1. Students tweeting out  pictures using the hashtag #SLUvLU . Topics range from scenic spots, social media, and how the Cardinals will do this year. Here are some the top tweets 
  2. One of the requirements was to find a scenic spot on and off campus:
  3. The scenic pictures brought out some good photos, like this photo watching the sunrise on your bus ride.
  4. Watching the sunset at your lake house can be experience with all the different colors in the sky.
  5. Other photos didn't have a sunrise or a sunset. One photo had an artistic rabbit. It is a perfect place to sit there and people watch, when the weather is nice outside that is.
  6. Scenic spots could have been so simple like a TV studio on campus. Some students getting ready to record their newscast at Lindenwood.
  7. Second requirement was to find your favorite spot to eat on campus. It is no question it has to be Fusz on the SLU campus. What college student doesn't like pizza?
  8. This scavenger hunt also give students to find other places to eat on campus. It is always good to try some new things.
  9. Try new things? How about sushi?
  10. Students and professor's thoughts on social media had some memorable quotes. That ask the question what is the importance of social media in 2014?
  11. A student might not spend all their time on social media and feels that it is a waste of time.
  12. It might be a waste of time and others may believe that social media has no purpose.
  13. Lastly, since we are in St. Louis. How about them Cardinals this year? A couple of students had all the confidence in the world that the Cardinals will do an amazing job this year.