Is XPS 13 the "It Girl" Ultrabook?

Dell recently launched the slim XPS 13 and it has been lauded for brawn and beauty. Have you have your hands on an XPS 13 yet? What do you think it's impact will be on the mobile workforce?


  1. To get an idea of what the XPS can do, check out this video.
  2. Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook - product overview with the experts
  3. So, what else are the pros saying about XPS?

  4. Ramon Ray, Business Insider:
  5. Jason Cross, PC World:
  6. Walter Mossberg, All Things D:
  7. Eric Grevstad, PC Mag:
  8. And from the Twitterverse...

  9. If you want a deeper dive on XPS, head on over to
  10. A good place to follow the conversation on XPS 13, and share you thoughts on it, is the the Direct 2 Dell blog.