Dell Tech Weekly (May 4, 2012)

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  1. Mobility, productivity and end-user computing

    Skilled IT workers are the foundation of an efficient enterprise, and competition for those workers is fierce. By showing them you care about their well-being, in addition to their skills, you foster a healthier work environment, which leads to greater employee job satisfaction and higher retention.
  2. Mobility in education

    The trend toward the use of mobile devices, like tablets and e-readers, is affecting more and more school districts, teachers and students. We talked with Belkin's Ben Thacker, who gave us a snapshot of what's happening in the K-12 education system as well as ways technology can make the future brighter for students.
  3. End-user computing in healthcare

    The explosive growth of data and other pressures -- from regulatory to economic -- is transforming the healthcare system, which has been evolving rapidly to meet the demands of providers and patients alike. We talked with Frank Nydam, director of healthcare solutions at VMware, who shared his insights on the challenges and opportunities in healthcare IT today. 
  4. Efficiency in the enterprise

    Storage is an ongoing problem that enterprises can't afford to ignore. We talked with Drew Meyer of Netgear, who offered his thoughts on how to cut backup storage costs in the data center.
  5. An evolving workforce

    As the work force changes and becomes increasingly mobile, businesses need to consider the implications of mobility and how we all work together. We talked with LifeSize video evangelist Simon Dudley about the state of telepresence technology.
  6. Data management

    Despite the ongoing shift to digital data, enterprises often still deal with massive streams of data on paper. We talked with David Maurice, regional sales director of Dell Print Solutions, who emphasized the importance of considering the flow of paper in and out of an organization.

  7. Planning for the advent of the digital era

    To get a better understanding of what analog sunset means for the enterprise, we talked with Joe Cornwall, technology evangelist of Cables to Go.