#WinningService for the Connected Customer: A Social Think Tank hosted by Dell

On June 25th, 2012, customer service experts and industry leaders came together at the W Hotel in Austin to discuss the challenges, opportunities and future of customer service and support. Conversations, perspectives and outcomes are storified below.

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  1. A recording of the livestream can be viewed here: 
  2. Customer Support Think Tank led by 3rd party moderator Jackie Huba, author and Church of the Customer blogger.

  3. Dell Customer Support Think Tank - Austin
  4. Morning discussion 1: Social media as a Support Channel

  5. Dell Customer Support Think Tank - Austin
  6. Emily Yellin - You're only as good as your weakest channel
  7. From Emily Yellin: There are 3 primary ways customer service can go wrong:
    1- Misinformation
    2- Lack of authority 
    3- Support agent doesn't care
  8. Dell Customer Support Think Tank - Austin
  9. Heath Johnson on the challenge of integrating traditional customer support with social support