When a Women's Travel Outlet Doesn't Write for Men

Wanderful is a women's travel resource that posted an article on mental health for women travelers. A male travel blogger was not pleased that the content wasn't specifically inclusive to men.


  1. @LezBackpack Wrote a piece on mental health for travelers for Wanderful.com, a site aimed at women travelers.

    Full disclosure: I (@DeliaMary) am also a writer for Wanderful, but do not speak for them in an official capacity in this conversation.

    NB: I've tried to group the tweets by conversation, rather than chronologically, so it's easier to follow each person's points.
  2. His solo female backpacker articles are here and here. There is also an ebook. Highlights include:

    "The problem is that half of the population who are dreaming of setting off on their very own round the world adventure are allowing fear, doubt and insecurity stop them from doing just that...I mean what happened to that feisty independence? That empowered gender identity?"

    "Most of the problems women face when backpacking stem from drawing unwanted attention to themselves by wearing inappropriate clothing and not conforming to cultural norms."
  3. His guide for solo male backpackers is here. Highlights include:

    "Did you think it was somehow easier and safer for men to travel solely because of that magical appendage between our legs? Sorry ladies, it doesn’t work that way."

    "...generally men do not need to create a gender specific identity in order to make ourselves feel empowered or inspiratitonl..."