Random Acts of Kindness Week at DelVal

Savannah Gibson '14, is partnering with about 20 DelVal students to hand out 200 tokens for Random Acts of Kindness Week! Find out about all of the good deeds on campus this week! RAK Week goes until Feb. 17. So if you haven't gotten in your random act, you still have time :)!

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  1. Our spotters get ready to recognize and thank people for being kind! Zach is on board and ready to go  with his tokens!
  2. Marissa Christie, who handles marketing and communications at the United Way of Bucks County,  wants to get in on the action.

  3. This random act spotted by Zach is so nice! Thanks to whoever he spotted cheering up a person who was feeling down :)!
  4. DelVal Student Jade Orth is our resident cheerleader for kind people on campus! She's ready to start spotting good deeds and armed with tokens.
  5. Marissa decides to join the fun for #RAKDelVal
  6. Elaine from DelVal Dining Services was busy handing out tokens this week.
  7. Nice manners! Someone raised @BabyConk right!
  8. Another of our favorites! Thanks for spotting this Elaine!
  9. Someone spots Kathryn, a dedicated RA.