#TheBigRoar: a conversation on conservation

#TheBigRoar sparked a worldwide conversation on endangered species. Part of the 'If They're Gone...' campaign which aims to raise awareness of the plight of tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans, this six-hour Twitter event gave the public the opportunity to put their questions to the experts.


  1. First up to take questions was UK-based charity Helping Rhinos who focus on rhino conservation in Africa and Asia. Below is a flavour of the questions they received:

  2. Next up was the WWF-UK, part of the global World Wildlife Fund network, answered a host of ivory trade-related questions:
  3. Just before 11am the Environment Investigation Agency (EIA) joined in to take questions on environmental crime prevention and illegal timber harvesting. Here's a snippet of some of the questions and advice provided: 
  4. Environment Minister Richard Benyon also took questions on endangered species conservation and sustainable palm oil policy. Mr Benyon tried to answer as many questions as he could within the time slot. Below is a sample: