Manchester Mini Maker Faire #MMMF

It was geek heaven at Manchester Mini Maker Faire this weekend and this is a quick snapshot of what went on as i find more I'll add it in here.

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  1. Build Brighton Xylophone at #mmmf
  2. Mechanical components mechanical universe #mmmf
  3. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012
  4. You can see the WhereDial in the photo below. 
  5. MMMF Stand - Electronics Side
  6. Mini Maker Faire Manchester 28th July 2012
  7. The Image was created by Stuart and Mathew featured in the photo below. It is controlled by an  Arduino which responds to a JPEG input. I want one but also was encouraging Stu to create an email service - email in the jpeg and it can be printed off and mailed it. 

  8. Internet Enabled Fishtank by Hayden Kibble at Manchester Maker Faire using Power Mac G5 case