2014 midterm election: Live blog

Election day coverage and analysis from Scripps Washington bureau. We'll be reporting and curating content from the time the votes are cast until they are counted.


  1. Nov 5 2014 1:15 AM EST: That concludes our live coverage of tonight's midterm elections. Thank you for joining us and stay with DecodeDC for continuing coverage and analysis of the results in the coming days.

  2. Nov 5 2014 1:10 AM EST: National reporter Lee Bowman wraps up our live blog coverage:
  3. Republicans hold at least a two vote majority in the Senate following Tuesday’s elections, which gave the GOP control of the legislative branch for the next two years.

    In the House, Republicans were projected to add nine seats to their existing majority. That number could rise depending on the outcomes ofseveral races where votes were still being counted or that were awaiting run-off elections.

    With Alaska’s results still pending, two Senate outcomes – in Louisiana and Virginia – won’t be known for some time. The race in Louisiana is headed to a run-off next month between the two top vote-getters – Republican Bill Cassidy and Democratic incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu, since no candidate got at least 50 percent of the vote.

    In Virginia, Democratic Sen. Mark Warner claimed victory in a surprisingly tough challenge from Republican Ed Gillespie, but with only about 13,000 votes in the balance, Gillespie refused to concede and is considering asking for a recount in the next few days.

    Republicans took Senate seats held by Democrats in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia.

    With results in half a dozen states still open, the GOP also took over the governor’s mansion from Democrats in Arkansas, Illinois and Maryland, while Democrats claimed the post in Pennsylvania.

    Among ballot initiatives, Oregon and District of Columbia voters approved legalizing the possession and cultivation of small amounts of marijuana. While Florida voters rejected legalizing medical marijuana, voters in Guam approved approved a similar measure.

    North Dakota voters joined those in Colorado in turning down an initiative that would have declared that life begins at conception. In Tennessee, a constitutional amendment passed giving the legislature more power to regulate abortion.

  4. Nov 5 2014 1:04 AM EST: Miranda Green wraps up tonight's results on personhood measures, which failed to take hold with voters:

  5. Nov 5 2014 12:13 AM EST: The Race to 51 is officially over. Catch up on the results with our election tracker:

  6. Nov 5 2014 12:08 AM EST: Producer Eric Krupke, who has been following tonight's ballot initiatives, with another update for us, this time on Oregon's Measure 91 on recreational marijuana:
  7. The Huffington Post is reporting that voters in Oregon have passed a ballot initiative that will legalize recreational marijuana use for those 21 and over. The New York Times is reporting that Measure 91 was passed with 54% in favor.

  8. Nov 5 2014 12:06 AM EST: The Speaker's full comments on tonight's elections can be read here:

  9. Nov 5 2014 12:05 AM EST: House Speaker John Boehner has released a statement on tonight's results, says the GOP "is humbled by the responsibility the American people have placed with us."

  10. Nov 5 2014 12:00 AM EST: Arkansas Republicans, as captured by Getty's Justin Sullivan.

  11. Nov 4 2014 11:52 PM EST: National reporter Lee Bowman with this hour's results:
  12. Republicans appeared to have taken control of the Senate as several projections gave victory to challenger Thom Tillis over Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan in North Carolina and the GOP’s Joni Ernst over Democrat Bruce Braley in Iowa -- the GOP’s sixth and seventh takeovers of the night.