Native People Respond to Jason Aaron's SCALPED and JK Rowling's Magic in North America


  1. On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, Native America Calling's show was "It's Like Muggles Writing About Wizards."
  2. Native America Calling provided this description of the show: Two non-Native authors are enjoying reasonable success with Native American-themed works. Jason Aaron’s comic series ‘Scalped’ is set on a fictional South Dakota reservation where tribal mobsters punish their enemies with violence the author depicts in graphic detail. TV network WGN picked it up for a possible TV series. And renowned Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling is under fire for appropriating Native American culture in her “History of Magic in North America” online story series. Are you fans of any of these works? Are you disappointed when respected writers try to portray Native American culture?"
  3. Guests on the show were Lee Francis IV (Laguna Pueblo), the national director of Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers and Joonnie Taté Walker (Mniconjou Lakota) editor of Native Peoples Magazine and media critic.
  4. I tuned in and spent the hour tweeting what I heard. It was an excellent segment.
  5. I feel for Lee. He's doing some terrific work with Native writers who are churning out terrific graphic novels and comics. To be asked about SCALPED must be frustrating.
  6. At that point I listened for awhile to Tate talk about how much the Harry Potter books meant to her and how disappointed she is with the series Rowling has at Pottermore. Tate's full response is an essay she wrote.