Death Salon: Seattle

For our seventh Death Salon, we partnered with the University of Washington School of Social Work, various artists, and the robust alt-death community of Seattle.


  1. Order members were on the ground earlier in the week attending meetings, planning for Death Salon 2018, and attending a special evening at Resting Waters.
  2. Our first day opened with a walking tour of Lake View Cemetery hosted by Atlas Obscura, followed by an evening of live theatre, The Grief Dialogues. Grief Dialogues presented six short plays about death written by playwrights from around the United States.
  3. A highlight of Death Salon this year was the addition of artist, Silent James, who brought our featured presentaions to life through live illustration.
  4. Our first day of full programming gets underway...
  5. 00 Death Salon Welcome 090917 Silent James
    00 Death Salon Welcome 090917 Silent James
  6. The Order's executive director, Sarah Chavez, kicks things off with her talk, Death and the Maiden: Why Women Are Working With Death and the Future of the Death Positive Movement
    For many self-identified women, working with death is an act of resistance. It is a way of reclaiming our space, our bodies, our lives, and our identities. Sarah will discuss death work as feminist act, and why it is imperative that the movement is intersectional, as well as how we can deepen our understanding of the movement’s interconnection with social structures.