Tampa Bay Fashion Week

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  1. Funky ring time at The Cloud Forest by Carly Neel! #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  2. Janet Matthews from Premier Designs Jewelry. They also do home parties. I've actually BEEN to one before, and I saw the necklace I bought right there on Janet's table. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  3. I would like that big honkin' one, plz. Kthx. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  4. Erica Jourdain and Stacey Wamsley from Swarovski's Touchstone Crystal. They do home parties! Forget Tupperware. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  5. Intriguing sand and diamond pieces from SSM Design. #tbfashion #fwtb
  6. Kallie Lou Wesley from Juxtapose in Tampa. Her shop has a mix of interior design and stuff you want to wear. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  7. Check it: A Tennessee puzzle piece pin from 1907! If you're looking for a certain state, don't fret. Meg has an inventory sheet. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  8. Meg Engelen sorts through her pins at Karma. She collects antique puzzle pieces and turns them into jewelry for sale at me2designs.net. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  9. Vivienne Westwood beauties on sale from A&A Boutique, a luxury consignment shop based in Wesley Chapel at the Karma pop-up shops this weekend. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  10. The Salon 1.0 is doing hair demonstrations. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek
  11. Elizabeth Weeks @elizabethweeks at the Karma pop-up shops. She customizes shoes and makes one-of-a-kind accessories. #tbfashion #fwtb @tbfashionweek