Social media reacts to Mary Taylor


  1. The logic people have "it's a choice" "go to rehab" if it's just a choice why do people go to rehab?
  2. Addiction does not discriminate. Much respect to this woman.
  3. People with addictions have a diseased mind and body from the substances they have used. It's not like people wake up one day and proclaim that they want to be a drug addict. LOL.
  4. It can happen to anyone anywhere.I do respect this lady for making this public so everyone can see that this problem is among all kinds of people in all areas in this country.glad to see her not feel above others by talking about this problem in public.
  5. Thank goodness for Narcam but how many times can we or do we bring people back from the dead before they need to assume responsibility for doing this to themselves? Prison is too cruel but can you demand rehab out of someone who is not willing or ready for it?
  6. Stop making the taxpayer foot the bill for Narcam. So sick of people saying "But it's a decease" yet you don't see cancer patients getting free chemo. Adicts should be made to work to pay off their debt to the taxpayer.
  7. Healthcare calls addiction a disease because the NIH allows the siding of what is really a debate of if addiction could result in a disease or who can word the funding right. Technically it's a concept that if a neurosurgeon looked at a frontal and mid brain of an alcoholic and decided to word deterioration as a disease or a result of a specific addiction to alcohol. State licence credentials make not one facility better than another. That is addiction studies 101.
  8. Seems it doesn't matter who you are anymore it grabs ahold of anyone, so serious!!
  9. I just can't wait for all the real campaigning to begin! Looks like opioid abuse will be the topic of choice for this coming election.
  10. You're not going to win this "drug war". Legalize it, tax it, and use the taxes to fund treatment and rehabilitation programs. Put the criminals out of business who are making the deadly stuff.
  11. I'm tired of hearing about drugs , it's your problem , we don't stop selling liquor or beer because people have drinking problems ! Take responsibility for your self and your family and going after others because of his problems
  12. I live in a small town in Ohio. I'm sick and tired of hearing this crap about drugs. It's a choice. Not a disease. Cancer is a disease. I think if you find someone over dosed revive them once. And send them to treatment. After that then they need to make the decision what if any their life holds any value.
  13. It seems like every plan anybody puts forward is all about punishing people who haven't abused drugs instead of the people who choose to. These drugs have been around for hundreds of years. There have been people who have abused them for hundreds of ye...See more
  14. God Bless Your family.  Prayers for your sons to completely cover from this terrible addiction. ❤️
    God Bless Your family. Prayers for your sons to completely cover from this terrible addiction. ❤️