A community responds to the murder of Julian Slaven

19-year-old Julian Slaven was killed late Saturday night in his Fairfield home, when two unidentified men entered the house and demanded money. Family, friends and community members respond to the tragedy below.

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  1. Readers were responding to news of the arrest on Hamilton Journal-News' Facebook page this morning:
  2. justice for Julian!!! let his mother get some closure.
  3. I agree Nancy. We watched Julian and his sibling grow up. Tragedy touched their lives early. Their mom is a great teacher and a loving mother.
  4. Wow, he was the son of a local school teacher. That's kind of surprising. Kind of goes to show that no matter what socioeconomic background, it can happen to anybody.
  5. My daughter just told me she knew Julien she just found out and is crying her eyes out.....wow there better be some justice for that baby !!!
  6. The punishment for these should be the same as what they gave to a young man and his family. People do crimes but yet the punishment is never strict enough they continue with this lifestyle until something like this happens .They are a menace to society and will continue to be as long our judicial system allows them to be .Butler County is the worse for allowing repeat offenders off with a fine that rarely gets paid .It is time that people like this pay for what they have done.
  7. People continue to post on the "R.I.P. Julian Slaven" Facebook group:
  8. I can't stop thinking of you baby... Wish you could come back to me. :,(
  9. The trial is at 1 o'clock today! I know I'll be at the fairfield court house.
  10. God, i just listend to the 911 call too. That was hard to listen too. U could hear Julian grouning and lexi screaming for him to get up in the background. I could barely listen to the whole thing. God Julian, u will be avenged.
  11. I can't stand these news reports
  12. Hey Julian. I know we weren't close, and I'm not claiming to be close now. But the last time we saw each other you literally ran up to me and bear hugged me. I'm gonna miss that. For everyone else... stay strong, support each other and don't let shit get in the way. My thoughts are with all of y'all.
  13. Just found the courage to listen to the 911 call. I imagined you driving off into the sunset with your Father, to a far better destination then Fairfield.
  14. There were various posts on Twitter and Facebook once people heard the news:
  15. This is soo hard... But I now you're in such a better place now.. Stay Healthy
  16. Who could do such a thing. Julian was the most peaceful, generous and loving person I've ever met. When will Fairfield Police stop the murders?
  17. cant believe it.. still dont feel real. rip bud. stay healthy