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Ohio Task Force One goes to NJ

Eighty members of Ohio Task Force One, an urban search and rescue team with members from the Miami Valley, headed to New Jersey on Tuesday to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy. WHIO-TV reporter Jessica Heffner and WHIO multimedia first responder Drew Simon followed them to report on their journey.


  1. The task force convoy includes several vehicles, including three tractor-trailers, three box delivery trucks, several four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, one charter bus, and a van carrying eight rescue dogs. The convoy is carrying millions of dollars worth of equipment. Find out more here:
  2. Once our reporters arrived, they had to await orders and assignments.
  3. NEW JERSEY: OTF 1 await for orders in deployment
  4. Watch video of #OHTF1 in training:
  5. Ohio Task force One in Training