vivo en mexico, administro un portal de autos seminuevos, me gusta mucho estar al tanto de las nuevas tecnologías y de las marcas automotrices.



Spent 2001-2005 importing easy-bake-ovens for fun and profit. Once had a dream of investing in cellos in Gainesville, FL. In 2008 I was investing in bongos in Mexico. In 2008 I was building glucose in Nigeria. Spent 2001-2008 creating marketing channels for fatback in the financial sector. Spent two years testing the market for g.i. joes in Nigeria.

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David Milberg is an investor and entrepreneur from New York City. Milberg has a passion for theater, specifically musical comedy. He is a board member of the Princeton University Triangle Club. Milberg has performed several shows in Princeton's Triangle Club when he was younger. He also has participated in other activities in the club and contributed to some of their achievements. Besides musical theater, Milberg is a huge fan of the Yankees and the Mets. He loves food, pastries, and coffee. He currently lives in NYC on the Upper East Side with his 3 children.

Melis Saglau

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