Fans react to former Red Brandon Phillips making MLB history


  1. Congratulations BP!!! We miss you in Cincy we are glad you are doing so well
  2. Go BP !!! Going to the game on Friday June 2nd to see you Brandon!! We really miss you were in Reds country!!!
  3. He was my favorite Reds player. If he was still at second base, there wouldn't be all the second base errors that the Reds are dealing with now. Congratulations, Brandon!!!
  4. Way to go Brandon Phillips great achievement much luck rest of your career
  5. Will always. Be A CINCINNATI RED
  6. Go brandon we miss you here in reds country
  7. Love Brandon. Glad he is doing great
  8. Congratulations BP!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Forever a Red! Congrats BP!
  10. Brandon will always be a Reds player to me!! Awesome accomplishment BP!
  11. Congratulations on 200 Brandon we miss you
  12. That should've been done with a Reds uniform on!
  13. if only it weren't the braves! happy for bp, but the braves? omg!
  14. Woohoo!! Miss you in Cincinnati!