1. It was our daughter's 4th birthday and I had made cup cakes for her nursery school friends...they went into the freezer for awhile.
  2. I remember getting ready for work and couldn't find my car in my driveway. It was covered with snow. I tried to call in and couldn't get through. The second day, my friend drove me to work. several employee were brought to work and didn't get back home for several days. The patients @ the VA received the best of care.
  3. I remember this blizzard, I was a senior at Fairmont West High School.
  4. I remember my husband driving us to work, you could not see anything in front of you I was on the edge of my seat the whole way trying to help navigate. I was so relieved and thankful that we arrived safe. I worked in surgery and we operated as people were able to make it in. Night nurse stayed over and helped. And we made it back home!!!!
  5. Was told to stay home unless absolutely necessary but went to Woody's market
  6. i moved to ohio shortly after the storm, i remember seeing cars covered in ice and snow attached to the streets. they looked like dinosaurs frozen at the curb. there were mountains of snow everywhere, and our move to wpafb housing was several weeks after the storm.