1. I remember one day, while working as a Muzak contractor, I had to climb up the side of the roller coaster to work on a speaker. While I was hanging on, the coaster came by and I got an up close look at both the cars and the people inside. I always wonder if they thought it was part of the ride to see some guy hanging on the side of the track. :)
  2. Omg I use to love going there as a kid
  3. I loved to see my mom freak when I dove off the 20 foot diving board, what good times we had with all our cousins and family.
  4. My family went there for grandpa's work picnic(Raymond Bag which became Armco.family potato sack races,tossing water ballon game,swimming in lake,picnics. Approx 1957 ! Later MVH had family employee day there. So many memories. My mother told me she worked there as a teenager and she and her girlfriends stayed in the cottages that you saw when you rode the train to the back of the park. So much fun she said!
  5. Loved it there. Big family picnic every summer.
  6. Lacy Webster I loved going to this place as a child with our parents n grandpa n grandma!
  7. Oh my .. And Aunt used to take me and my cousins every yr ..And then grew up got married n my hubby and I always took our kids there. ...So wish would've been able to taken third generation there. So miss it and fantasy farm too
  8. I remember going there as a child and taking my children I miss this place so many great memories of this place I will always remember it I tell stories about it to my kids I have many photographs with my family there I have to say best place I ever spent my summers at
  9. The Screeching Eagle was the first big roller coaster I ever rode. I was way too little to be on that thing and ended up peeing my pants. Good times!
  10. My Dad's company, Price Brothers, had a picnic there every summer. We looked forward to it all year.
  11. The screeching beagle 😂 yeah they was crazier than us. We rode that thing more than 20 times minimum
  12. I use to go there as a teenager and I also took my children there
  13. Our family visited LeSourdsville many times. I experienced my first roller coaster there. Great memories!
  14. As kids we always enjoyed going here.
  15. Remember performing there in jr high band.
  16. My husband and I dated at LeSourdsville Lake when we were teens. Great memories
  17. I remember going when I was really young (likely between 1995-1999), I even remember asking my mom why we never went back. I may have been extremely young but I'm glad I got to see it before it closed up. The water log ride was my favorite.
  18. I really miss the "Old West" town at the end of the train ride!
  19. Went there for after prom from centerville high school class of 1972
  20. Man, I use to love going to that place with my friends! Only wish it was still there to take my kids to, they would have loved it!
  21. 😛My husband and I had many good times at this park when we were first dating.❤️❤️
  22. Loved the park! GM always had their employees day there. So much more laid back and easier to get around than Kings Island.. like Coney Island was
  23. I grew up in that park .It was great. Later after I grew up.i took my kid's there and also my grandkids .I wish it was still open.
  24. I worked there in '77, '78, '79. Also went there as a child with my Grandma Van, my brother and sister and two cousins once every summer. It was awesome. Worked at Fantasy Farm in '76.
  25. My mom had her work picnic there in the mid 70's. It was the highlight of our summer!