1. I worked at Wittenberg at the time and it was the first time in their history that the College closed! Couldn't get to work for 4 days! Lived in Northridge and we had no heat or electricity, but luckily we had a fireplace! People in the hospital who had 4-wheel drive vehicles came and got my mom, who was a nurse, and she had to spend the night. My brother and I actually had fun - it was quite the adventure!
  2. I was working at Rike's in the Upper Valley Mall and listened to WIZE to see if businesses had closed. I heard nothing so I drove my 1974 Mercury Capri through the drifts and ice only to discover the mall was closed. I returned home and quickly became bored being inside so I bundled up and walked to my brother's place in Northern Estates. Mom thought I was insane. Lol
  3. I remember not being able to go to school! Springfield city hardly ever closed when I was little so it was an absolute treat. I also remember making tunnels in the snow on the banks of our yard and sled riding down the hill in our alley! What fun!
  4. I remember being out of school for almost two weeks. The snow had drifted so high that we couldn't get out of our back door. My dad couldn't drive home from work so he hitched a ride from a truck driver to get home. I was 13 years old at the time.
  5. The night before a driving rainstorm slowed our drive into Dayton to our job at Daytonpress The snow came and by morning the plant had closed it's door Go home if you can ? Joined a car pool and 4 hours later 25miles we arrived home. Difficult trip. The next three days shut in till roads cleared. Snow covered roads for The next two weeks created a difficult travel However we survived .
  6. We had to wait for heavy equipment from Wright Pat to open our road. Groceries were delivered via snowmobile--made the mistake of ordering eggs and they were scrambled all over the other groceries after the snowmobile ride!
  7. I remember no one could drive, so my dad walked all the way downtown to get to work. It was several blocks away. He worked all day and then walked back home. His commitment and dedication to work inspired all his children. Thank you Dad.
  8. Me and a friend, Chuck Hutchings, had driven to Dayton to go to Karl Casper's Car Show at Hara Arena. Afterwards we went to the Red Lobster on Salem Ave. to eat. Just a few flurries were falling then. 90 minutes later, snow was piling high on the sidewalks, streets and parking lots. We had to stay all night at the Holiday Inn and then traveled to Springfield the next day with tunnels of snow piled 12-15 feet high on either side of the roadways.
  9. the snow covered our front door half way up we couldn't get out of the door for about 3 days; it was cold
  10. I was in Columbus at school. My parents were living in Springfield. Our superintendent call each student's family and told them we were without heat and electric but we're trying to keep us warm. My dad said he was on his way. It took him 4 hrs but he came and got me and took me home. He felt so bad for my friends that they couldn't come with us. When I got home we had a house full. About 25 people in a 3 bedroom house. Loved every minute of it.
  11. Our neighborhood was without power and the wonderful Mason family with help from good neighbors evacuated all who wanted to go to the Showboat Drive-In concession stand where we spent the night. Warm, comfy and well fed. All the kids thought of it as a treat to be there and yes, it was!!
  12. I thought the world was coming to an end I stayed inside for six weeks baked every cookie recipe and bread recipe and Betty Crocker's red checkered cookbook. I baked until John and the kids asked me to please stop
  13. What stands out in my mind is the snow drifts that covered the front of our house and covered our roof.