Reactions: President Barack Obama re-elected

Here's how the Internet reacted to President Barack Obama winning re-election.


  1. He is a killer of are people? Wow!!
  2. The best news? All that money spent due to Citizens United was wasted! You can't buy American's vote! Makes me feel good :)
  3. you can buy votes with food stamps.The looters now run the country. the people who are getting plundered are now the minority.
  4. and its all because of the UNIONs, Open your eyes obama supporters, farmers will lose their lands, people with disabilities will not get the help they need in finding work, how many more resturants and retail stores will close, and my cheap insurance will go up thanks to Obamacare,
  5. Tea party and extreme right wingers (notice I didn't lump all conservatives and Republicans together) have cost your party mighty. If the Grand Old Party has a lick of intelligence left, they will promptly scrape you all off their collective shoes. You have made a mockery of the party of Lincoln.
  6. So, I guess this means their divorce is on hold for 4 more years then?
  7. You mean to say that appealing to angry white guys didn't work out as a long-term political strategy?
  8. all i can say is that the next 4 years Americans will be in a heap of trouble with crap healthcare and doctors, hospitals and nurses without jobs and can't get the medicine you need. Very DISAPPOINTED in the outcome.
  9. Makes we wanna puke, but doesn't suprise me, our great state is over run with lazy welfare , everyone looking for a handout. Hope you got your free Phone they promised u.... Idiots
  10. God bless our President! Give our leaders wisdom, compassion, and the courage to use them. Now I have to leave for work, like the majority of Democrats.
  11. Debbie remember dems did not want god on their party so you can say thanks to the devil!