#SonofOMG: Live-tweeting Son of God

An Episcopal priest and blogger watches the Greatest Story Ever Sold.

  1. Livetweeting begins with some fortification before the Son of God film at 10 eastern #sonofOMG http://t.co/T70V7xn4u4
    Livetweeting begins with some fortification before the Son of God film at 10 eastern #sonofOMG pic.twitter.com/T70V7xn4u4
  2. Thing I'm most nervous about the Son of God film? That some megachurch bought every seat & they give altar call in the credits #sonofOMG
  3. @jazzpastord hey I'm a priest! Maybe I'll lead the altar call. Send your spirit over this tub of popcorn #theaterepiclesis #sonofOMG
  4. Bar is playing Devil Went Down to Georgia and I'm about to livetweet the Son of God. Coincidence? #sonofOMG
  5. Because I'm in Georgia, right now!
  6. @VaPriestess @DavidRHenson brings up the question: what happens if I lust after Jesus? Is it okay since it's just an actor? ;) #sonofOMG
  7. It's 10 pm. I am now officially waiting upon The Lord. And previews. #sonofOMG
  8. Previews are like a Lifeway nightmare. Heaven is Real, God's Not Dead & Noah. Wait, that's Aronofsky. That won't be in Lifeway. #sonofOMG
  9. White Adam and Eve, check. White Abraham, check. White Moses, check. Black violent Samson, check. White baby Jesus. Racism, check #sonofOMG
  10. Weird seeing black kings bowing to a white baby. I think they call that slavery ... #sonofOMG
  11. .@DavidRHenson Well, white supremacy at least. In keeping with this tradition.
  12. #sonofOMG he's hot on those mountains. And Lord that's a rather orgasmic deep breath looking over the sea.
  13. Should Jesus make one have questions about one's sexuality? #sonofOMG
  14. Miracles have sound effects. And a soaring sound track. But Jesus doesn't bother to help bring in the fish. #sonofOMG
  15. When Jesus says, "Change the world," he sounds EXACTLY like Capt Jack Sparrow.
  16. All the commoners look like Palestinians. Jesus doesn't. Neither do the religious elites. Cause white folks have power. #sonofOMG
  17. Close my eyes, I could be watching Downton Abbey with these British accents. Waiting for Carson the butler & Lord Jesus Grantham #sonofOMG
  18. How shall we pray? they ask. And everyone clasps their hands like good Baptists. #sonofOMG
  19. Here's the thing. Maybe it's the acting. But I don't buy this Jesus as fully human. Nor fully divine. Fully cardboard? Definitely #sonofOMG
  20. This hunky Jesus makes me want to rewrite that song Jesus Lover of My Soul to simply say Jesus, Lover. Full stop. #sonofOMG
  21. The Son of God needs acting lessons. If I preached with his droning intonation everybody would nap. #sonofOMG
  22. On a serious note, it's worth noting Jesus never really called himself the Son of God. That's what the demons called him though. #sonofOMG
  23. This Jesus doesn't have a halo. Just really white teeth. Wash my teeth and I shall be whiter than snow. #transfiguredteeth #sonofOMG
  24. God his hair is divine. Of course God already knew that. It's genetic. #sonofOMG
  25. Jesus ran away from the hungry crowds after the feeding of the 5K? Bullshit. It was the hungry that drew him out of solitude #sonofOMG
  26. It's really problematic, given that Jesus seems to float above all the real humans in the movie and later communion scenes, that the filmmakers chose the one multiplication of the loaves and fishes story in which Jesus rejects the crowds and runs away. In every other (and there are many), it is his compassion for the hungry crowds that brings him out of solitude. 
  27. Holy crap! There is a woman in the boat with disciples?! #sonofOMG
  28. @DavidRHenson Are they playing the Star Spangled Banner? Because that's what they do on the Jesus Boats now... #sonofOMG
  29. If Peter had only listened to the soaring soundtrack instead of the thunder, he'd never sunk. #sonofOMG
  30. You know what this film needs? A cameo from the President, I mean Satan, I mean ... #sonofOMG
  31. I appreciate that they got the context of Roman occupation and oppression as the sociopolitical setting. It's a pleasant surprise #sonofOMG
  32. Jesus raises Lazarus with a kiss. He's been taking showmanship notes from David Blaine, I think. #formynextmiracle #SonofGod
  33. It's like a Greatest Hits of Miracles. But Jesus wasn't fond of folks believing because of miracles. More life, less miracles #sonofOMG
  34. Dear God. Roma Downey, film producer, cast herself as Jesus' mom, the Most Blessed Narcissist Mary. #sonofOMG
  35. Way to misinterpret turn the other cheek. Stone me some more everyone! God loves it when you are abused #sonofOMG
  36. You know what's missing? Jesus giving a crap about the poor and oppressed. Or being a poor and oppressed person himself. #sonofOMG
  37. Angry Jesus is hysterical. Turning over tables with his fingertips and then grinning like he's on Xanax while condemning folks #sonofOMG
  38. He drove out the money changers by smiling at them like it was a big joke. Whitewashing an already whitewashed Jesus. 1 of 2 #sonofOMG
  39. 2 of 2 the hypocrisy and oppression would've made him furious. It should make us so as well. #sonofOMG
  40. The political intrigue with Roman leaders and Temple leaders are well done. #sonofOMG
  41. Chief priest talks about the less well educated followers of Jesus. Yes, the only people of color in the film. #sonofOMG #implicitracism
  42. @DavidRHenson so all spreading of the gospel should be to your specs? This version is worse than nothing, despite the new audience?
  43. @CraigDesign I am doing this because I deeply love Jesus and I think this film does him a great disservice at great profit. #sonofOMG
  44. As an Episcopal priest, I've been anticipating this scene: the Last Supper. #sonofOMG
  45. Never thought of the Last Supper as a weepy event but I'll roll with it #sonofOMG
  46. That's a nice touch. Jesus serves communion to his betrayer. #sonofOMG
  47. Except the symbolism is lost when Judas vomits it up. Or rather, the symbolism gets twisted. #sonofOMG
  48. What the hell? Jesus LEAVES the table at the Last Supper! And LEAVES his disciples? Way to screw up the Eucharist guys. #sonofOMG
  49. Film Jesus is the worst president at Eucharist ever. He abandons the disciples (at table no less!) long before they do him. #sonofOMG
  50. *Presider at Eucharist. #autocorrect
  51. So Jesus runs away for the proto-communion of feeding 5K and runs away from the actual first communion?! Jesus is a lone wolf. #sonofOMG
  52. Did I miss the part where Jesus gives the new command and washes feet? Y'know Maundy Thursday? Part of the Triduum? #sonofOMG #liturgyfail
  53. @marksandlin it's the movement of Holy Week. Maundy, Good Friday, Easter. It's all one service, not three
  54. The Most Blessed Narcissist is back. Mary's actually not present at crucifixion in the Synoptics. They'd disowned each other #sonofOMG
  55. Interesting. Jesus hasn't been dirty all film while everyone else was. Now he's bloody & dirty. Symbolism is overwhelming #sonofOMG
  56. Even I might find it difficult to snark thru crucifixion. Any execution brings to mind all the folks executed by US and drones #sonofOMG
  57. 10 years ago, almost to the date, the Passion of the Christ, was released. Son of God is much better & less problematic. #nothard #sonofOMG
  58. Torture. It's not just for Jesus and the Romans. Flogging was enhanced interrogation. #sonofOMG #crucifixionstillhappens
  59. If only Mary could reach Jesus before his flogging, he'd be touched by an angel. #sonofOMG
  60. Jesus in prison unjustly. So are people of color in our own country thanks to racist criminal justice system and immigration laws #sonofOMG
  61. Roma Downey needs to quit trying to put herself in the crucifixion scenes by making up lines for Mary. ...#sonofOMG
  62. ... Not because I care that they are making stuff up but because she's terrible acting #sonofOMG
  63. Holy crap. Slow-mo on Mary helping Jesus carry his cross. Her Most Blessed Narcissist. #sonofOMG
  64. I am seriously stunned and troubled by how much the crucifixion was about Roma Downey - I mean, Mary's. Paging CPE #sonofOMG #ipr #verbatim
  65. As the crucifixion is underway, Jewish priests are slitting lambs throats for sacrifices. Jews killed Jesus motif strikes again. #sonofOMG
  66. Who knew? The crucifixion is all about Roma Downey, I mean, Mary. #sonofOMG
  67. Glad they mixed in Jesus' God-forsakenness. It's a powerful line even delivered by a leaden model. #sonofOMG
  68. And then they do some serious Real Presence when Peter breaks bread. #sonofOMG
  69. This is probably the worst scene in the film. The way Peter cobbles together the first post-resurrection Eucharist turns it into a magical conjuring act of our Lord. It's like the Eucharist becomes like a divine Bat Signal for Jesus. 
  70. Did they really end the film with a nod to Revelation? Jesus Christ. Talk about setting things up for a bloody sequel. #sonofOMG
  71. Dear God. They end the film with "Mary Did You Know?" and more Roma Downey. #sonofOMG
  72. Hoping for a scene of Jesus eating shawarma after the credits in modern-day occupied Palestine. #sonofOMG
  73. Son of God Review: Felt like a made for TV movie. Oh wait it was? What was this? An excuse to cash in on Christ? Lord have mercy. #sonofOMG
  74. Thanks everyone for joining me for my first livetweet. My last tweet explains my motivation best probably. #sonofOMG #cashforchrist
  75. #sonofOMG @DavidRHenson goes Kanye before credits, steps to front of theater, "Jesus ain't never died this hard before." #crucfyingthegospel
  76. @DavidRHenson Anybody asks me to go see this I'm handing them a copy of your tweets and walking away. #sonofOMG
  77. @DavidRHenson David finds a 2nd calling - a film critic (brought on by the Jesus-guy w/a Brit accent). #MoonshineJesus #GoodNews #sonofOMG
  78. Thanks to @DavidRHenson and #sonofOMG engaging & entertaining flight to California this evening, while working on eulogy for dad's memorial
  79. Between @emelina with #GFESther & @DavidRHenson with #sonofOMG, Twitter has been amusing, educational & though-provoking tonight! #GoodStuff
  80. @youravgpastor @DavidRHenson David should do a TV series, like Mystery Science Theater 3000. Call it Mystery Jesus Movie AD. #sonofOMG