Best Crossbow Scope on the Market

Make sure that you know what to look for when buying your hunting optics.


  1. Hunting in the wild is about as exciting as things can be. There’s no doubt that hunting with a crossbow in the wild bringsout something primordial in me. Man versus beast. It’s a lot more close to nature than using a high powered rifle. When you’re hunting white tail deer with a crossbow, the distances are a lot closer (30 – 60 yards), so things become a lot more intimate. The slightest noise or the wrong smell at the wrong time of scent can mean the difference between hitting your target and walking away empty handed.

    So you need as many advantages as you can. Stacking the odds in your favour. There’s plenty of ways to do that, but I’ve found that the best advantage is a crossbow scope that offers quality range finding and crystal clear optics. Combined, you’re going to be able to sight and target your deer in seconds. Before it’s even aware that you’re in the same State.

    As with most things in life, though, there’sjust so many options out there, even for something as narrowly focused as hunting optics. Lots of brands and each brand has lots of models. Trying to decide on what you should invest in can drive you mad. You want a top rated crossbow scope.
  2. Crossbow Scopes --- How they work and different options!