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Harbaugh drama just beginning

The 49ers' 2014 offseason might be more interesting than the season itself if the first month is any indication. Will they sign Jim Harbaugh to an extension? Will they trade him to the San Jose SaberCats? Will Harbaugh and Trent Baalke be UFC's next pay-per-view bonanza? Stay tuned.


  1. Cover your eyes, 49ers fans

  2. OK, maybe they can work this out, if only for one more wild season

  3. How the Faithful feel, in 140 characters or less

  4. And the view from a hopeful Nation

  5. Everybody just calm down!

  6. Not for long if Jed doesn't show him the money, and soon

  7. "What do you mean I'm the third-highest-paid coach in the NFC West?"
  8. This guess is as good as anyone's