Conversations with Tod Massa about assessment

@DaveMazella and @Todmassa, along with a few others, have been puzzling over the uses of assessment on twitter lately. Thanks also to @the_other_jeff, @TheTattooedProf, @gecornelius, @TheJonest for their contributions to the conversations. Corrections and suggestions welcome.

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  1. This discussion consisted of six threads. In the first, TM's initial blog post, "When is a waffle not?" focuses on the problem of counting in educational assessment, which DM believes selects out a few aspects of a complex educational process and transforms them via assumptions of standardization into thinglike, countable objects (e.g., SCHs, transfer credits, MOOCs, etc., all the way up the ladder of abstraction to the notion of competency based education (CBE), which displaces the notion of countable seat-time with a measurable "competency." But how much do we trust these equivalencies, especially when politically imposed by outside forces?
  2. I. When is a waffle not?