The Hitchhiker's Guide to Economics

Another initiative arising from Labour's new left is the #PeoplesPPE which held a conference/symposium called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Economics" with Yanis Varofakis, Mufti Abdur Rahman, & Anne Pettifor. The speakers had 15 minutes each and the remainder of the session was a Q&A.


  1. Varofakis was to speak on the debtor's banquet, Pettifor on conflict of interest and Rahman on virtue-nomics and ethical money. Varofakis was the Syrizia Minster of Finance in Greece, Pettifor is the Principal of PRIME and previously a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee and Mufti Rahman a local respected islamic teacher and campaigner.
  2. The session ended with questions and answers on Council Cuts, with a speaker from the floor demanding that Hackney council set a zero cuts budget.
  3. A highpoint in the afternoon, was Yanis reminding us,
  4. re Banks and Debt
  5. On nationalising the banks,
  6. It starts with Banks and Debt