Follow (Leave EU's) money

Carole Cadwalladr and Jo Maugham are pursuing the Leave campaigns to make them pay for their criminal cheating. Maughan is seeking judicial review on the decision of the Electoral Commission not to investigate the allegations of overspending and Cadwalladr is pursuing the influence of foreign money


  1. To these two stories I have added a tweet and a story about the use of russian botnets which implies other people's involvement.
  2. The EC have decided not to investigate the official campaign's overspending and so Jo Maughan is seeking judicial review. There are also stories and evidence of illegal foreign donations which the press if not the "police" are closing in on.
  3. Below is a link to an opinion piece by Carole Cadwalladr which shows the links between, Trump's campaign, Wikileaks, & Nigel Farage, whom together with Cambridge Analytica take us to the Leave campaign. I agree with her and Jon he has questions to answer.
  4. JJ Patrick proves that Leave used Russian botnets! Another undeclared gift frm foreign sources?
  5. Image Credit: Merrill College of Journalism CC 2012 BY-NC @flickr