Digital Question Time

techUK, the tech. industry lobbying group . together with the BCS and Computer Weekly convened a question time session, and invited the three largest parliamentary parties to send representatives, Ed Vaizey, Chi Onwurah & Julian Huppert


  1. The event took place on Feb 9th and both I and the organisers took some time to review our notes and in my case make this story. I made this public about a month later and looked to use the tag #DigitalQT to find the tweets. Computer Weekly covered the event with several stories and the first tweet below has a link to a video of the event. The tweets are mainly in date order but the first few are organised to highlight other, more complete commentaries.
  2. @techUK summarise the subjects discussed,
  3. Bruan Glick of Computer Weekly publishes, his take on the event, the article has several further hyperlinks
  4. The Guardian says,
  5. Frustrating that many commentators allow Vaizey the last word on censorship; the problem is the technology, backdoors have no morals and in order to control software you have to criminalise/prohibit the knowledge of its construction. The so-called porn filters also control software configuration content.
  6. Comments on Digital Inclusion
  7. I was caught by the spellchecker, that's meant to be GDS and it's a great slogan to summarise the limits of the cultural revolution in the cabinet office, even if they call it a Digital Publication platform and not a web site.
  8. I forget what provoked this, but I rather like this....
  9. it was probably an explicit request for a position by Big Business i.e. #techUK who are generally in favour of staying in the EU.
  10. Above a reply be me, to Huppert on British finance's approach to failure and below to him while he was trying to get down with the Geeks saying that he could use regex,