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  2. 1940 - Volvo XC60

    But according to our website statistics, the most popular story of the day is not a supercar but rather a reflection on the seemingly unquenchable thirst for SUVs. Who said Volvos weren't exciting? The XC60 is an F-Pace rival that will surely sell like hot cakes when it goes on sale if its early popularity and the success of the XC90 are anything to go by. Expect a premium feel, plenty of space, lots of kit, and a competitive price. And lashings of 'sensible' thrown in for good measure.
  3. 1930 - McLaren 720S

    The high-tech, lightweight new Super Series model will go on sale in May and replaces the 650S. It's amazing how far McLaren has come in such a short space of time and this lighter, faster, roomier and more aerodynamic 720S will "redefine expectations of supercar excellence" according to the British manufacturer. You wouldn't bet against them.

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  4. Unboxing the McLaren 720S – McLaren’s key Ferrari 488 GTB rival | Geneva motor show 2017 | Autocar
  5. 1923 - Porsche 911 GT3

    We're still reeling from the 9000rpm redline figure from first thing this morning. This car will sound sensational, and the fact that it sees a manual gearbox return to a GT3 for the first time since 2013 should be celebrated as well.

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  6. 1915 - Alpine A110

    Its power-to-weight ratio has grabbed the headlines by bettering the Porsche Cayman's and for many at Geneva this was a star car to savour. It will arrive in the UK next year and whether Alpine likes it or not expectations will be sky high for the 1080kg two-seater.

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  7. Unboxing the Alpine A110 – the new Porsche Cayman rival | Geneva Motor Show 2017 | Autocar
  8. 1908 - Bentley EXP12 Speed 6e

    The two-seat concept has turned heads as much for its gorgeous looks as its powertrain. If Bentley decides takes the plunge into the two-seat roadster market - and it could in 2019 - then that car will look like this concept. As for the electric powertrain with a 300-mile range? For now this merely shows Bentley's interest in the technology, but you wouldn't bet against it turning up in an electric model before too long.

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  9. 1900 - New Honda Civic Type R

    There was no messing about at the start of the day with this 6am reveal. The extreme styling is enough to blow the sleepy dust out of your eyes, but this is still labelled as a 'toned down' Civic Type R in an effort to appeal to a wider audience. Will it work? Time will tell

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  10. 2017 Honda Civic Type R revealed at Geneva motor show
  11. 1855 - With the car reveals done and dusted for the day it's time to look back at the biggest stories from Geneva this year.

    Starting with..........
  12. 1840 - Wagon-lovers have a lot of gawping to do in Geneva this year. Porsche's Panamera Sport Turismo is on show, as well as the brand new BMW 5 Series Touring
  13. 1828 - Two bits of Volkswagen news hot from the press room:

    First up, environmentally conscious campers rejoice, the ID Buzz concept is close to getting the thumbs up for production.

    Meanwhile, we've got a dieselgate update as well, with boss Herbert Diess stressing that EU customers should not expect compensation from the emissions scandal fallout.
  14. 1818 - Chief reviewer Matt Saunders can't wait to get his hands on the Alpine A110:

    "Masterstroke by Alpine to put the A110's aluminium chassis on display on its stand. I'm sure it's been seen before, but not by me. Everything on it is aluminium, they say - but for the rivets and fixings, and the wheels, and brakes. The whole thing weighs 325kg. And seeing it like this doesn't half make you even keener for a drive."
  15. 1812 - Vauxhall and Opel bosses at Geneva must have been relieved to field questions about cars rather than the PSA takeover deal. Jim Holder asked them just what the difference is between the similarly sized and priced Mokka X and Crossland X SUVs:

    Andreas Marx, director of product marketing at Opel, has boiled it down to their respective characters as "me" and "we" customers, whereby most Mokka X buyers are choosing a car for themselves to drive and enjoy, whereas Crossland X buyers are considering that they may share driving duty and will need greater versatility. Above all, he sees a distinct sales advantage in having two cars in the booming small SUV segment. "It's the fastest growing sector bar none, and we have two distinct offerings; this has to be a good thing," he says.
  16. 1807 - This could be very big news indeed. Porsche is considering a mid-engined 911 (like the racing 911 RSR) and the biggest conceptual design change in the model's history. Click here for the full story from Geneva
  17. 1758 - Think BMW's electric i brand has lost a little momentum since its crash, bang, wallop arrival with the i3 and i8 five years ago?

    Don't suggest that to BMW's senior vice president for brand and product, Hildegard Wortmann, who points out that the i8 continues to outsell Audi's R8 and that i brand sales "more or less" matched those of BMW's M division in 2016.

    "Volume is one measure, but there are other measures of success, from brand quality to innovation leadership, to brand attitude and more - and i and now i Performance do a great job for us. There is a market out there, and BMW has the widest brand portfolio there is for electrified cars, from a fully electric i3 to a plug-in hybrid X5, we do it all."