Youth are the future, The story of the Palestinian youth delegation in the WSF free Palestine 2012

The Palestinian youth delegation participated the world social forum 2012 "free Palestine" in Brazil was one of the most successful stories of the WSF, this article trying to document and to share part of this story with you to highlight the Palestinian youth leadership achievements.


  1. After the call of the world social forum to academics, students, activists...etc to join the forum and to start the registration for the WSF workshops and activities in order to build solidarity movement with the Palestinian, the Health Work Committees together with the AFSC started to prepare for special participation on the forum selecting youth leadership to participate as a Palestinian youth delegation.
  2. The world social forum in Porto Alegre is a big action of solidarity with Palestine, because of that it had the name Free Palestine, and it is part of the world social forum but has a special topic and purpose focused on solidarity with Palestine, building connections between the Palestinian struggle and global justice movements around the world to end the Israeli occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall.
    The forum create an open self-organized meeting spaces for all the participant to propose and discuss and develop their opinions as activities, campaigns and polices to be implemented by all the participant, social movements and networks in all over the world.
  3. Join us for the World Social Forum Free Palestine!
  4. The preparation for the World social forum started long time ago, in Jerusalem as every where in Palestine the Palestinian social and political movement started to prepare there participation and the self-organized activities, and publishing the idea of the WSF free Palestine for all who want to join.
    We can see in the following image, Palestinian leaders in press conference from Jerusalem speaking about the forum.
  5. as part of the preparation for the WSF free Palestine, together the Health Work Committee and AFSC took part organizing the participation of Palestinian youth leadership delegation in the WSF activities.
  6. In Porto Alegre,Brazil many posters on the streets welcoming every body to join the solidarity with Palestine.
  7. The beginning was a huge march in the streets, thousands came to Brazil in solidarity with Palestine, together the Brazilian, Palestinian and many others from all over the world marched in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and called to end the Israeli occupation (Free Palestine/ Palestina livra)
  8. The participant in the forum called to Boycott Israel to free Palestine, on the same time of having a big participation from South Africa doing a great job sharing there experience fighting the Apartheid.
    This experience had much interest and strong support to be part of the struggle and the global solidarity to end the Israeli Apartheid in Palestine.
  9. The Palestinian Youth Delegation
    15 Palestinian youth from different Palestinian cities worked together as a delegation, United youth for Palestine from Gaza, Haifa, Jerusalem and Ramalla in face of all the borders and high walls.
    The Palestinian youth delegation started strong and united.