Supporting Patients

If you are (or were) a patient, what kind of support from friends and family do you appreciate the most? As a family member or friend, what kind of support have you given to your loved ones?


  1. I loved humor and my family and friends treating me as normal as possible during recovery :)
  2. Pre cooked meals, gift certificates for other family members, house cleaning, just being there.
  3. It is okay, even preferable, NOT to say everything is going to be okay. None of us know. Tell us you will love us throughout the roller coaster ride. Show up! You don't have to have the cure for cancer to make a huge impact on our lives. You can't show love if fear keeps you away.
  4. Someone to lean on. When I was getting my treatments at children's the nurses would have me go from room to room to brighten the kids spirits! I never stopped smiling.
  5. I appreciate my freind Tammy riding down for my yearly checkup. It's a long ride from Maine alone and she even sat in while I had my scope!! :-)
  6. I was diagnosed June 1984 w/Leukemia, and have to say the best support was my family and friends just treating me like a normal kid. I started 1st grade with my friends that September and while I had to get blood and bone marrow tests, still had homework and parties and Campfire activities.
  7. As a single parent who was at Dana 3 with my Daughter once a week for 18 months the support I received and appreciated most came from staff. DFCI/JFC best in the world at what they do ! ❤️❤️
  8. Just to be there to listen and talk about my fears.
  9. As a patient, rides to and from Boston were great, also, food, cards in the mail, funny movies to watch, and talking about anything other than cancer.
  10. Daily help with my other six kids! Simple daily chores, dinners, dishes, etc. The little everyday things were even so hard to accomplish. Above all else a shoulder to lean on. My daughter who was 5 beat Neuroblastoma with DF jimmy fund abd boston childrens.
  11. I have over 100 people who wear Converse sneakers on my infusion days. This is a visual reminder of all the prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes we've received.
  12. I appreciated all my friends and family treating me as "me" and not define me by my diagnosis.
  13. My wife Paula was at every chemo treatment I received and My 6 sisters had a pink party for me when chemo ended (male breast cancer survivor) and my brothers in-law all wore pink t-shirts to show support..... My immediate Family support from Paula, Jennifer, Kellie and Sean during this trying time has been greatly appreciated by me. Mike Johnston
  14. Drives to Boston from western Mass. Encouraging words. The attitude of everyone at Dana from the valet parking people to the world's greatest doctors!
  15. It amazes me how many people tell me they say a prayer for me. Also, I appreciate the people that come right out and are interested in my disease and treatments. I am a pretty private person and keep a lot to myself. I usually won't bring it up myself, but I am happy to talk about my situation.
  16. I wasn't up to visitors during most of my treatment, but I loved getting cards from people near and far. It made me realize the power of taking a minute to send someone a short note to let them know that you're thinking of them.
  17. I appreciated my neighbors who took turns delivering supper every day to me and my husband and my four college aged kids during the months I had chemo. They even delivered bouquets for the table , magazines and books and scented candles etc. I also appreciated piles of cards from friends and family as well as their prayers. And my husband's employer who gave him every other Wednesday off (paid) to spend with me on chemo days.
  18. My kids, family, friends and Hospice were very supportive during my husband's two year battle with cancer~Their support was crucial for my late spouse.
  19. We appreciated meals delivered by friends and co-workers. They set the schedule and managed the whole thing. It was great! We had meals every Tuesday & Thursday delivered to our house for almost 8 months!! It was great because I was battling breast cancer with a one year-old child. My wife appreciated all the support too. Also I commuted to Dana-Farber from Western MA for radiation for 6 weeks. I had lots of people ask to drive me. That was great to have the company and drivers as I was exhausted after 5 months of chemo.
  20. During an infusion I was given a bouquet of daffodils out of the blue from the American cancer society. My daughter has volunteered for daffodil days ever since and wrote about it on her college apps. She got in to her first choice!
  21. Best support was meals, dog walking, trips to the dump, taking my husband out for lunch or a walk. I couldn't have made it through his illness without their support.
  22. One of the hardest things to do, as a cancer patient or cancer caregiver, is to ask for help. We appreciate food (meals, soup) the most. Friends of ours chipped in and had our house cleaned -- now THAT was a true, inspirational gift that we LOVED!
  23. My family and friends were the reason I could have my transplant. My insurance didn't cover transplants & and my transplant was postponed because of the news that I wasn't covered...within a few months time the monies were raised by donations, raffles, activities . Hundreds of people made it possible. I am so fortunate!