#METconf2015 Day One

Tweets from the first day of the 11th International Conference on Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams


  1. Link to conference information here (and link to day 2 here)
  2. Thank you to the many contributors. There is no science behind what goes into this storify. The idea is to create a coherent story behind the days - to those who tweets aren't included and probably should have been apologies - it will have been simple oversight!
  3. A reminder which I think should be a standard addition to every conference!
  4. At the introduction we were introduced to a new international society..
  5. and Conference Organisor Daan Sep ponders on the current use of Rapid Responses. I wonder if they are too often used to 'rescue' patients.
  6. Prof. Gary Smith's Chain of Prevention sequence was a common theme throughout the conference.
  7. First Keynote was Michael Buist on "Rapid Response Systems as the engine for hospital safety"
  8. Link to Clinical Futile Cycles is here
  9. Prof. Buist has been working on the reasons why MET or RRS systems aren't activated.
  10. an underlying reason is that we teach students the wrong thing...
  11. link to the BMJ paper is here and below an acronym which never really made it into clinical practice...