Why I Should Be An NPRGL 'G'

(Grumpy Cat ate my cover letter.)


  1. If a diva is the female version of a hustler, an NPRGL 'G' is the younger version of the seasoned NPR listener. This 'G' is no less credible for their youth, but they are a different breed of NPR fan than that mother who ignores her preteen's request for American Top 40, or the retiree who would rather fight a grizzly bear than miss a driveway moment.

    Hi, my name is Daisy, and I am one such 'G'--you're more likely to find me catching up with NPR on Facebook than on the freeway, and advertising that I love NPR to my friends by reblogging a favorite celeb holding up an 'I <3 NPR' postcard. 

    But that's how I consume public radio in front of the scenes, and I like the view from behind the scenes. Get to know me, and you'll quickly learn that I strive to be a witty and creative addition to every environment, and a hard-working asset to any team...or just read my Twitter feed.
  2. When it comes to social media, I like to be an innovator. This semester, I convinced my creative writing professor to let me write a Twitter novella. One of my classmates called it an "amalgam of pseudo-witty quips"--so I guess you could say it went well:
  3. I'm also a self-starter in the digital realm. Two years ago I realized that there was no blog geared solely towards the students of my athletic league (the NESCAC) beyond traditional sports coverage. To me, the 11 small, New England liberal arts schools had more in common than athletics--and I wanted to test this hypothesis. That's how inthecac.com, a news and lifestyle blog, was born. 

    Now, 6,000+ Twitter followers and 30,000 average monthly visits later, the 'experiment' continues to be a hit with my collegiate peers and appeals to their sense of a common identity. 

    This success required building a dedicated and diverse staff, and I've honed my management skills through friendly brainstorming sessions with a variety of contributors.  In this FB cover photo, my friend Dave combined my vision of NESCAC mascots re-enacting Dr. Strangelove with his awesome graphic design skills--voila! 
  4. I'm the big-picture gal who keeps editorial afloat. I love to hone my humor writing skills by tapping into the college zeitgeist--but I maintain an important balance by throwing In The 'Cac's weight behind topics of serious import. Last October, we hosted a Twitter chat on the issue of campus sexual assault using the hashtag #ithappenshere.

    We were quoted on The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project for our ongoing coverage of the issue.

  5. Editing a blog targeted at my college peers, prospective students, and interested alumni keeps me constantly plugged in to the feelings and interests of a young, cultured, and inquisitive generation. It also makes me really good at creating original memes: 
  6. I know what you're thinking: "But Daisy! Why NPR, when misattributed FLOTUS quotes are clearly your calling?!" Well, I'll tell you...

    I loved the summer that I spent as a social media intern at NPR, and I really think that I thrived there. I took advantage of all the opportunities offered me, including one to blog for 'It's All Politics'. I subsequently published posts on The Youth Vote and, the crux of all things 'cool', Urban Outfitters

    I also took advantage of the copious free swag--this picture from my dorm room being Exhibit A:
  7. And this foregrounded free cupcake being Exhibit B:
  8. "Anatomy of an NPR Intern's...
    "Anatomy of an NPR Intern's...
  9. I've been a fan of Generation Listen since I first became aware of it, interacting with NPRGL content across social media. As your intern, I would combine past experience with NPR's community with my own history of speaking to millennials. 

    I will also eat bacon whoopie pies with you--we will never go hungry.