Ask the Editor: John Lampinen

We're going to start an experiment with Storify. To help show you what this tool is all about, today we collected a few items from various social media forums where the Daily Herald was mentioned.

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  1. Here, NaperBUZZ retweeted our tweet about tonight's anti-drug rally.
  2. Here's a copy of one of our front pages that we pinned to Pinterest.
  3. Today's column, which talks about Storify...
  4. Here, the Daily Donkey News retweeted our editorial.
  5. Here, Michelle is thanking us for getting the word out about tonight's anti-drug rally.
  6. Thanks Daily Herald for helping to "get the word out"!
  7. Here's a video on YouTube about Ron Santo.
  8. Cubs fans pay their respects to Santo
  9. Here's a picture of Haley Reinhart playing at Lollapalooza that we shot and someone shared on Flickr after the Associated Press picked it up.
  10. Here's a link to obituaries that's on Google.
  11. Here's a link to my bio on Daily
  12. And my profile on LinkedIn
  13. Let us know what you think.