ON Innovation: Rebooting the conversation

On March 26 & 27, join an esteemed group of innovation thought leaders and practitioners from business, government as they delve into the question of how to discover the "unknowns" in innovation. Join in. Follow @DU_Press on Twitter and use the #oni hashtag.

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  1. The ON Innovation conversation continues.
  2. Last week, we shared the final maps each of the four teams created - here is Team Athens' map as a time-lapse video!
  3. Michael Raynor's new essay about arrow, cycles, spirals + progress and innovation. 
  4. A recent profile covering the notion that innovation, education reform, and creativity are linked.
  5. A thank you to all who participated in the virtual & social conversation of ON Innovation.
  6. March 27
    Day Two - ON Innovation
    (More recent content towards the top.)
  7. ...And that's a wrap - We'll be updating this space in the next few days to capture additional questions, comments, observations and inputs. Thanks to all who joined in virtually to our first curated ON event.
  8. New word emerging from the final session:  flopportunity
    "Embrace “Flopportunity” – have the resilience to fail, fall on your face, and turn that into something positive and successful. The only failure is when we don’t learn from an unexpected outcome."