DSM Feed Proteases seminar 2014

On May 8th 2014, the European seminar entitled ‘Feed Proteases – Science into Practice’ was organized by DSM in collaboration with its alliance partner Novozymes. Find out what happened on Twitter during the event.


  1. Through a series of lectures and roundtable discussions from highly respected members of the scientific community, a comprehensive overview of the latest practical and scientific insights on the use of proteases to optimize animal nutrition were presented. 

  2. Proteases are the most recent and innovative additions to the range of enzymes available to the animal feed industry. Already, they provide considerable economic benefit to the livestock industry globally through their positive effect on animal performance, litter quality, animal welfare and the environment. About 100 nutritionists from over 25 different countries gathered in Amsterdam on May 8.
  3. Dr. Fidelis Fru, Director Animal Nutrition & Health R&D Centre at DSM, welcomed all participants and then introduced the first speaker: Dr. Vibe Glitsø. She's a senior manager in the department of Feed Applications (R&D) at Novozymes A/S. Glitsø explained that different proteases result in different products. 
  4. After Glitsø's presentation, it was Dr. Aaron Cowieson's turn. He explained the value of an exogenous protease. After Cowieson, Dr. Horacio Rostango took the stage. His Brazilian perspective on the use of proteases was well received by the audience. He's a professor in Monogastric Nutrition, in the Department of Animal Science, Universidade Federal de Viçosa in Brazil.
  5. During the break people had the opportunity to test some tools in the 3D Lab. A great way to experience the latest innovations in protease. 

  6. Rick Kleyn, author of “Chicken Nutrition: A guide for nutritionists and poultry professionals”, offered a different perspective on proteases. He focused on the commercial nutritionist's side of the story. His insights and views were food for thought.