John Hageman

Staff reporter at the Grand Forks Herald covering business. Get more business news at Future captive on the Satellite of Love

Cried when Chewbacca died. Media Studies student. 40% Politics RTs, 40% Culture RTs, 20% BS. Purported Evangelical Christian via

Trey Foerster

Adhlere Coffy

Searching for my passion and a way to be better than the cards dealt to me. Rocket Scientist by trade, thinker by choice.

¡OneDayOfOil Terry!

commentary on the world, science (especially the earth sciences), and sci fi. #lgbtiqa #blackandSTEM #Harrisburg #NaNoWriMo14

Jeff Martin

American University, Arkansas Bred, Views/Tweets Expressed Are My Own, RT's are not Endorsements

Chris Harrison

I do data.

Mark Jones

Political Director Missouri NEA. Moniker what kind of name is Moniker?

Gerard Paardekooper

Centurion Group DC

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My Progressive Credo: In the absence of freedom there is no creativity and in the absence of creativity there is no progress.

Mike Nellis

Partner @Power_Thru Consulting. Tweet #newmedia, #notredame, and #p2 #politics. MVO finalist #roots12. #Poker player w/ $65K tourney cashes. HUMBLE AND HUNGRY.

calorie currency

a social purpose entrepreneur for food with grace, charm, beauty, creativity and conspiracy theory.

i was too late for the 4:30 autogyro

Jan Vajda

Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, e-mail:, Tel: 0421915825825