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MGG Alumni & Partner Conference 2017

Since its inception, the Managing Global Governance (MGG) programme has been bringing together young professionals from Southern powers and Europe to enhance mutual understanding and dialogue on transformative change. Its tenth anniversary was celebrated with a grand conference in Bonn.


  1. Since 2007 over 300 participants from rising powers of the global South and Europe have successfully completed the three-and-a-half months MGG Academy, hosted by the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). In November 2017, many of these alumni found their way back to Bonn in order to celebrate the network's decennial.
  2. In preparation of the conference, MGG Academy's Zeljko Crncic took a closer look at the potential for networks like MGG as a format to discuss international challenges like social justice in an issue of our series #TheCurrentColumn.
  3. First Day at #MGGat10: Coming together again

  4. As the #2030Agenda and the #ParisAgreement are strongly focus on the current agenda of global governance, and while at the same time the world finds itself confronted with new dynamics of confrontation and conflict, the MGG alumni gathered to put issues of social cohesion and global justice in the center of the anniversary conference at DIE’s headquarters.
  5. @T_Fues reflects on the theme of the #MGGat10: Social cohesion as a key challenge to the #2030Agenda
  6. Arguments on: Social cohesion as theme of the MGG Alumni conference?
  7. In the opening session, featuring inputs by DIE’s Deputy Director @imme_scholz, @BMZ_Bund’s Ariane Hildebrandt, @GermanyDiplo’s Peter Gottwald and DIE director @DirkMessner, the speakers focussed on the achievements made by MGG but also on the challenges ahead.
  8. After taking stock during the opening session, participants went on to work on a case for global justice and cohesion at the conference's first panel chaired by DIE’s @St_Klingebiel.