1. After the first week of #COP23 the expectations of the public concerning the outcomes of the negotations have peaked. Head of #klimalog project Steffen Bauer wonders if the conference in Bonn will be remembered as good or bad COP. Read his thoughts here:
  2. 13 Nov: #interconnect17 went into 2nd round

  3. Gender Equality, Rights and Ancestral Knowledge in the Context of Forest Landscape Restoration

  4. The second week of #interconnect17 started with a topic which proved to offer possibilities for a climate-just and smart transformation towards #SustainableDevelopment: Gender equality within the context of Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR). Together with partners like @CIFOR, @ICRAF @WECFDeutschland and @IUCN, speakers discussed about the aims to achieve ecological integrity and women's rights in the objective of FLR.
  5. Small island developing states (SIDS) are gaining special recognition during @COP23 as the host country, Fiji, is categorised as SIDS. Another #interconnect17 session on 13 Nov focused on these states as they are especially vulnerable to #ClimateChange.
  6. How SIDS are planning for and implementing Mitigation Actions to achieve NDC Targets?

  7. Representatives of the Government of Fiji, Vanuatu, Trinidad and Tobago, and Tonga presented their plans to achieve the national targets (NDCs) committed unter the #ParisAgreement:
  8. Meanwhile at

    #COP23 #Bonn Zone:

  9. At the EU Pavilion #EUeventsCop23 DIE´s researcher Denise Matias @MatiasDMargaret and Pieter Pauw @WP_Pauw discussed together with @_MCII_ @PIK_Climate @oasis_hub the role of #ClimateInsurance in #NDCs and why innovative decision support tools focusing on climate insurance solutions are needed.
  10. Education for Sustainable Development: We´re delighted to join Climate Planet´s School Programme

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